Cancer Control Center Osaka International Cancer Institute

Cancer Control Center Osaka International Cancer Institute

Cancer Control Center conducts various epidemiological studies and public health activities to promote cancer control and prevention in cooperation with Osaka Prefectural Health and Medical Department and other organizations concerned. Cancer control planning and evaluation are our first priority.

  • Commitment for cancer control planning and activities in Osaka and Japan
  • Population-based cancer registry, hospital-based cancer registry, and mortality statistics
  • Health policy evaluation using epidemiological analyses
  • Tobacco control and support for quit-smoking


Osaka Cancer Registry

This website shows outlines, major objectives, and organization of the Osaka Cancer Registry. Cancer incidence and survival data in Osaka are summarized and overviewed, together with their time-trends.


Osaka Cancer Registry (OCR) has been operating since December 1962 and has accumulated more than one million cancer incidence data in Osaka prefecture (2018). Osaka had an estimated population of 8.84 million in 2015 census: Japanese (96.4%), Korean (0.8%), and Chinese (0.4%). Cancer incidence data in Osaka have been reported in Cancer Incidence in Five Continents volume II – XI published by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). Quality of the data meets a standard level by IACR over 40 years.

Major objectives

  1. To estimate cancer incidence rates in Osaka.
  2. To compute statistics about medical treatment provided for cancer patients in Osaka.
  3. To estimate cancer patient survival.
  4. To assist planning and evaluation of cancer control programs.
  5. To distribute cancer statistics and other information produced at the Registry to the participating medical institutions and health administrators in Osaka to assist and promote their cancer control activities.
  6. To promote the utilization of registry data for epidemiological and clinical studies.


Osaka Prefectural Health and Medical Department has been responsible for budgetary support of the registration scheme, collecting cancer case information from hospitals and clinics, and surveying prognosis of registered cancer cases by the method of referring to inhabitant registers in local municipality offices.

In January 2016, Japanese government enacted enforcement of Cancer Registration Promotion Act. Since then registration of cancer information has been obligated to all hospitals and designated clinics across Japan.

OCR was set up at Cancer Control Center (Director, Isao Miyashiro, M.D., Ph.D.), Osaka International Cancer Institute, as a central registry responsible for all registry work in Osaka prefecture.

Research Achievement

Research Achievement